If your login is not working, our server url address xyza.ltd might be blocked by your internet service. 
Here is how you test our server url. 

1. Download the PING Network Utility app store from your phone app store.

2. Once you download the app.

3. Turn off your home wifi from your phone and just use your phone internet, then open the PING app.

4. I want you to type our url **xyza.ltd** into the bar that say hostname or IP address then press start.

5. You should see a bunch of ip packets start to scroll down the page.

6. Then exit the PING app and connect your home wifi back to your phone. 

7. Re-enter the PING app and re-enter xyza.ltd or if it's still there press start.

8. If you see ip packets scrolling, then our service is not being blocked but if you see it say any words like timeout , request denied, etc, our url is being blocked and you would have to contact your cable company to see if they will unblock it or use a vpn.

Sometime you can restart your modem and restart your device can clear the block.

Monday, June 8, 2020

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